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Email, Chat, Productivity Apps, Cloud Storage

What you get with
G Suite

  • Professional email powered by Gmail
  • A cloud-based productivity suite
  • 30 GB cloud storage on Google Drive
  • Real-time collaboration with Docs & Sheets
  • Easily connect through Hangouts & Calendar
  • Enhanced security provided by Google
  • Outlook Email Client with G Suite Sync

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We offer a 30 day money back policy. If you are not satisfied with a purchase, contact us for a refund.

Why choose G Suite - Google Apps for Business

  • Enjoy real time editing with all the latest review and text editing features on Google Apps for Business.
    5gb hard disk

    Google Drive

    Store and organise files effortlessly over the cloud

  • Store and organise files effortlessly over the cloud
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    Google Docs

    Create, edit and share documents on the go

  • G Suite allows you to schedule meetings, collaborate on video calls and sync them all with your mobile devices seamlessly.
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    Google Calendar

    Schedule meetings and manage your time with ease

  • Build, edit and review spreadsheets online with your stakeholders using this robust and feature-rich editor. Data processing, reporting and sharing is now easy.
    calendar with timer

    Google Sheets

    Build, edit and review spreadsheets online

  • Whether in office or at home, help your team stay together through audio and video meetings with Hangouts on G Suite.
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    Google Hangouts

    Set up audio and video calls for remote collaboration

  • Storage on the free Gmail account is restricted to 15 GB which is distributed between your emails and files on the drive. With G Suite this capacity is doubled to 30 GB.
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    30 GB Cloud Storage

    Abundant storage to cater to all your needs

  • Enjoy the simplicity, security and speed of professional Gmail on your domain name with Google's Business Email.
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    Your professional email on Google

  • Access your email and files from any device across all desktop and mobile platforms.
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    Device Management

    Sync across all devices with Google apps for business

  • If your organisation is accustomed to Outlook as your primary mail client, use G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook to continue functioning with ease.
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    Outlook Email Client

    Choose your preferred email interface with G Suite Sync

  • Use your admin console to set up a 2-step verification and single-sign-on (SSO).
    business email ssl

    Advanced Admin Controls

    Easy management of users and groups.

G Suite - Google Apps for Business Features

G Suite with 30 GB Storage

Powered by Google's Cloud platform, abundant storage across all Google apps for business is an integral part of how Google enables collaboration. You can stop worrying about running out of space and enjoy unfettered access to all your work from the cloud.

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