A Robust Email Solution Designed for All Businesses

What you get with
Enterprise Email Hosting

  • 25GB mailbox + 5GB file storage per account
  • email IDs like yourname@yourdomain.com
  • Intuitive Calendar & Address Book
  • Powered by OX7
  • Sync email across all devices
  • Flock Instant messenger
  • Auto-responders & Email forwarding

Total Price


We offer a 30 day money back policy. If you are not satisfied with a purchase, contact us for a refund.

Why choose Enterprise Email Solution

  • Dedicated 25 GB email storage + 5 GB file storage on all Enterprise Email Hosting accounts.
    5gb hard disk

    30 GB Storage

    Abundant storage of 30 GB on all your email accounts

  • Get cloud storage for file sharing with 5 GB space, a Shared Task Manager and also create & collaborate on Documents, Sheets & Presentations on the cloud with our Enterprise Email solution.
    360 feature icon

    Easy Collaboration

    Documents, Drive, Tasks, Contacts & more

  • Sync your enterprise email accounts across all your devices, clients and Webmail.
    star label tag

    POP3 & IMAP Access

    Complete mobility for your email across all devices

  • Secure your brand's credibility with a customized email ID. Don't settle for free IDs anymore.
    calendar with timer

    Your Email, Your Brand

    Your email ID as yourname@yourdomain.com

  • Sync your social media accounts with your Enterprise Email hosting.
    support icon

    Social Integration

    A unified inbox for your email & social media

  • Sync your calendar across all your devices with an ability to schedule meetings and video calls.
    flock logo

    Calendars & Contacts

    Enterprise Collaboration - anytime, anywhere

  • A proven email anti-virus solution to ensure the security for your Enterprise Email solution.
    clamav logo

    ClamAV Protection

    Protect your business from online threats

  • Get Flock accounts for each email ID you buy to effectively collaborate within your team.
    ox business email logo

    Flock Messenger

    A free instant messenger for team communication!

  • Protect your emails with anti-virus from ClamAV.
    timer icon

    Anti-virus Protection

    Keep your email safe from online threats

  • A state-of-the-art platform for your Enterprise email hosting which has been tried and tested around the world.
    business email ssl

    Powered by OX7

    Email Hosting on the Open-Xchange 7 platform

Enterprise Email Hosting Features

Email at Enterprise Scale

Simplify communication across your business with a unified inbox that collates messages from across your various IDs including Yahoo mail, Gmail, Hotmail and also social media accounts such as Facebook etc. Our Enterprise Email solution includes a highly intuitive user interface with rich features such as attachments, drag-and-drop features, filters, auto-reponders and forwarders.

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