Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need to Know About the Domain Reseller Program

What is ResellerClub?
ResellerClub is one of the largest Registrars in the world that has created a of set completely private labeled programs for entrepreneurs and web professionals to kickstart their Domain Reselling and Hosting Reselling business.

Our Domain Reseller Program and Hosting Partner Program has been created exclusively for Resellers to reach out and build their own brand with their own Customers. Your Customers are yours and since this is a private-labelled program, we have no access to your Customer database.
What is the Initial Deposit?
What are Total Receipts?
Is the Initial Deposit usable, or is it an Activation fee? Is it time bound?
Do you charge any Activation or Sign-up Fee? Are there any hidden costs associated with becoming your Reseller?
Do I need to maintain a separate Total Receipts amount for each Product?
Do you charge my credit card each time my Customer makes a purchase?
What happens once I exhaust the initial deposit that I make?
What happens if I start in the £ 4,500 slab? Will I have to deposit an entire £ 228.08 again to reach the higher slab?
What will happen if my Customer places an Order and there aren't any Funds in my Account?
I have made a payment of £ 228.08 using PayPal / Credit Card, but my Account has been credited with a lesser amount. Will my Account still be activated?
I have already paid the minimum advance deposit using PayPal. When will my account be activated?